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ADTfindU – Minstry of Social Development

PanicGuard’s partner in New Zealand, ADT Security, has successfully secured the contract for proving app based loneworker protection for the Ministry of Social development (MSD) across New Zealand in order to ensure that the workforce is safe at all times.

With ADTFindu MSD has taken a great step forward to not only ensure its staff safety, but also a step into the future, where mobile technology and apps plays an ever-increasing role in ensuring a safe and effective workforce.


ADTFindU turns any smartphone into a safety device where the user easily can create an alert and instantly send a distress signal and upload live video evidence of the alert to ADT 24/7 monitoring centre. By utilising the very latest app technology MSD employees are safe throughout their working day by simply shaking their phone or pressing a Bluetooth panic button on their wrist.

The ADTFindU technology is based upon PanicGuard’s award winning personal safety platform, which is deployed in over 120 countries worldwide.