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Security Technology Trends: Cell phone innovation changing security landscape

The South African security market is one of the more mature and unique security industries worldwide. Mature in that its origins as a technology and armed response service go back as far as the 1950s and unique in that crime in South Africa is higher than many other countries.

“This has led to a crime solution that consists of a mix of technology, alarm monitoring and armed response, with innovative products and services to allow South Africans to stay ahead of the crime wave,” says Stuart Clarkson, Managing Executive at Fidelity ADT.

As with many industries, the move is towards harnessing the power of the cell phone. In the South African security market, this is leading to innovation in two areas: personal safety and response to the cell phone, and management of security technology from a cell phone, both of which are supported by a 24-hour monitoring station and responded to by armed personnel.

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