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People move – Buildings do not

Why limit your capabilities when your customers still need protection? And those customers are carrying with them the means for you to continue to provide that protection. With more than 1.2 Billion smartphones sold in 2013 alone, the PanicGuard service can now be utilised by anyone.

Security has long been associated with physical assets, security officers, CCTV and static alarm systems. Limiting the provision of security to just a fixed location and limiting your ability to expand your offering and grow your revenues.

We break that association – enabling you to offer a service beyond the bricks and mortar, in other words we enable you to make security personal and mobile.

If a security company currently provides a monitored or response security service to a household, that would currently represent one account, whereas there are often at least 4 people per house. This presents an immediate upsell opportunity for any security company which is substantial, whilst not taking the place of the traditional alarm. As PanicGuard seamlessly integrates with existing security solutions, this is achieved without the need for additional capital expenditure.