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Since being established in 2011, PanicGuard has focused solely on developing the optimal mobile based personal security service, utilising the latest technologies.

We have won several industry awards around the world, including the Nasscom app award in India and the Sunday Times “Best for personal safety” commendation. PanicGuard has been awarded the “Secured by Design” accreditation by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Mobile technology has never been as influential in both our personal and professional lives as it is now. The continual availability of affordable smartphones and improving data connectivity is enhancing every process from the gigantic to the minute, constantly leading us to ever-greater connectivity and efficiency.

Recognising this, we have combined the very latest mobile-cloud technologies available to capitalise on this opportunity and supply the ever growing global smartphone user market, which currently sits at over 2 billion people, with a mobile security service they can take with them 24/7.

The PanicGuard platform is infinitely and instantly scalable and has been tested to the highest standard by industry experts. It is already being used by world leading security companies such as ADT, Corps Security and Stanley Security.


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“ PanicGuard provides a proactive approach to personal security. We support effective products such as this which help the vulnerable and those at risk. PanicGuard can be used by a wide range of people utilising modern technology and so turning the mobile phone into a personal safety device. ”

Association of Chief Police Officers