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Fast, accurate and appropriate response is crucial when dealing with an emergency. Every emergency comes with its own unique circumstances and challenges. Whether it’s pinpointing a location, identifying an assailant or even selecting the type of emergency assistance needed, we know that the more accurate your information, the more accurately you can respond.

This is why our platform has been expertly designed to provide you with all the information you need to provide quick, expert response. From pinpoint accurate location data to services that record before, during and after an emergency alert. All of this, combined with cloud based video evidence and individual user profiles, allows you to correctly and instantly identify your customer and their emergency.

We believe there are two main areas crucial for providing an accurate and appropriate response, namely:


In any emergency it is of vital importance to know exactly where the user is, which is why PanicGuard does not solely rely on the GPS on the phone but instead uses a combination of methods to accurately establish the location. The three methods we use are GPS, Network triangulation and WiFi hotspot recognition. Whichever method returns the highest level of accuracy is the one we use. This process runs in real-time and constantly improves itself, in order to give your monitoring staff the most up accurate and up to date location.


When dealing with an emergency, communication is key to establishing what help is needed and to reassure the user that help is on its way.

With PanicGuard, your monitoring staff will have real-time audio/video from the incident displayed to them, as well as the clients phone number so that they can easily be contacted. In addition to end user communication, we enable a direct dispatch functionality, where your monitoring staff, with the click of a button, not only dispatch help but also send all relevant information to responders such as location, user profile and audio/video evidence.