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We believe that information is power and knowledge is king, which is why we provide you with powerful tools to both capture user information and behaviour as well as give you the ability to monitor your own staff performance.

Data mining

As users register and manage their profile through the customer portal, they provide invaluable and previously unattainable information, such as medical history, biometric data and not least letting you know in what areas and at what times they feel vulnerable. This information is easily displayed and analysed through the control panel’s data mining tools. These tools give security companies new and unique opportunities to both potentially upsell new services and provide further services based on relevant user data.


Your clients provide personal information when registering via the customer portal, which creates higher retention rates, as switching to a new provider would mean re-registering and losing all previous data such as alert history and video evidence. As the application is branded with your company logo, a user is also reminded of your service every time they look at the screen icon, even if they don’t feel a need to activate it.

In order to keep track of your business progress, we report on all matters related to billing and not simply on the number of users. With PanicGuard you can at the click of button see how many new users have signed within any given period, as well as see actual retention and behaviour, both graphically illustrated and in table format.

Staff performance

We believe that “what gets measured gets done” which is why the control panel has tools which easily give both historic and real-time information on areas such as response times, number of alerts per controller and login times. With this information you can easily create reports on who dealt with which alerts and what the outcome was. In turn this means that creating bespoke customer reports is as simple as the click of a button. All professionally presented reports are instantly available in either Excel or PDF formats.