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We fully understand that one of the main requirements for any successful security company is the quality of its monitoring services and consequently the timing and appropriateness of the response.

PanicGuard believes in providing a complete service to security companies. We have therefore developed a state of the art real time control panel to be used in your monitoring centres. The control panel is very simple to use, and has been created in collaboration with both usability and security experts in order to ensure that your monitoring staff, with little or no training your team will be able to use it effectively.

The control panel is cloud based and communicates in real-time with all of your clients who have turned their app on, ensuring that you always have a full overview of your users.

For the controllers in the monitoring centre there is a streamlined incident management window displaying only real-time alerts and escalation policies, ensuring a simple and logical response process.

For management, the control panel has several inbuilt features which make quality control and reporting as simple as a click of a button. We provide historic and real-time reporting on items such as customer profiles, response quality, staff performance, user behaviour and billing. All of this information can instantly be converted into either an excel or PDF file in order to monitor commercial progress. These insightful analytic tools allow you to make well-informed business decisions. All information is available both real time and historically.

Should you prefer to continue to use your existing interface in the monitoring centre we can  integrate into providers such as Bold communications, Mastermind, Oryx, Sentinel and IMMIX.

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