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Our mobile application is built from the ground up with the guiding principle of providing a quick, simple and logical user experience. The moment the application is turned on your customer’s phone is immediately primed for safety assistance. Their location is automatically recorded and the app is ready to start capturing audio and video evidence. Setting off an alert can be as simple as shaking their phone, swiping a finger across the screen, or applying a setting that they have chosen for themselves. To cancel the alert, they enter their date of birth. You can’t get any simpler. For quick customisation, a settings menu inside the app offers users the opportunity to configure personal profiles as well as edit their emergency contacts and information.

From launch to alert our mobile applications provide quick, simple and logical navigation in times of extreme panic and distress. By focusing on simplicity, we give your customers piece of mind that your services can be accessed instantly and from anywhere.

To remain at the pinnacle of mobile security we work closely with the world’s leading security providers to continually innovate industry specific features and solutions. Years of research and development have already led to the introduction of life-saving features such as Man-Down, Stealth Trigger, Task Timer and Auto-Call ERC.

What you get

We provide you with your own branded mobile security apps on all major platforms. This means that you can service your entire customer base rather than just some of them with the very latest phones or the right operating system. Expertly built and simple to use, your mobile application is powered by an award-winning platform that is internationally recognised as the leader of mobile security. Cross-platform build & registration is taken care of, along with a professional and sleek design. All you need to do is come up with a name and logo suggestions!

“Integrated, Well thought out solutions such as PanicGuard have the potential to contribute to the Security of Vulnerable persons by using new technologies to their best capacity.”

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Ford
Head of the National Mobile Crime Unit
Metropolitan Police Service

Metropolitan Police

Key Features

  • Simple and Logical Interface

  • Custom Profiles for individual needs

  • Real time tracking

  • Cloud secure Video evidence

  • Multi-channel alerts; SMS, email, social media and Cloud

  • Industry specific features; ‘Stealth trigger’, ‘Man down’ and ‘Auto call’