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PanicGuard™ was founded in March 2011 with the simple ethos of providing the best possible personal safety service by utilizing new mobile technology.

We are a small but dedicated team with strong values and ethics and we genuinely want to help keep you safe. The service was created from the ground up created with our users in mind, by always focusing on safety and simplicity, ensuring that PanicGuard can be used in stressful situations such as being attacked.

As a company, we believe that everyone has the right to be protected from harm at anytime and anywhere and that anyone doing harm to others should be found and prosecuted.

We understand that there is nothing more precious to you than your family and friends or employees to your business, and we want to help you protect them from harm.

PanicGuard ensures that help is never far away, by enabling your smart phone to act as an advanced personal alarm, alerting both your emergency contacts to your situation.