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Key use cases

PanicGuard is a world-class Security platform that turns smartphones into personal safety devices.

PanicGuard is in active use in over 20 different countries worldwide

Commercial and Lone Workers

Real Estate Agents

Schools and Universities

Government and Councils

Hospitals and Clinics

Logistics and Trucking Workers

Security Guards and Patrols

Energy and Utilities

What we offer

PanicGuard offers unparalleled Personal Safety solutions for your business.
The application can be branded and customized precisely to your needs. Here are some of the features we offer:

Shake to Activate

A simple shake of the device activates the alert that's sent to a monitoring ARC and Emergency Contacts

Meeting Timer

Meetings allow users to identify when they are going to a dangerous meeting. An alert is automatically created.

Journey Feature

Journey ensures safe travel by providing real-time updates as users move between two places.

Mass Notifications

Mass Notifications let you inform users in case of emergencies such as a terror threat or extreme weather

Danger Zones

Create zones to automatically warn users when theyve entered a potentially dangerous area. Zones can be used to notify the users.

Alarm Receiving Centre

The system comes with a Control Center specifically designed for dispatch operators of the security company. All functions are easy to understand and the operator has access to all relevant data to assess the threat to life situation.

It's designed to work without any infrastructure
Works in any browser

Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback is useful to know that the app is active. For example - when alert is tracking, or if you're in a meeting alert. The app will vibrate the phone a minute before a meeting alert.

Stealth & Deterrent

Users can pick the alarm profile appropriate for their situation: stealth, personal, and deterrent. The Stealth Alarm profile disguises the app as a homescreen so that it's inconspicuous.

Man Down

If a user is incapacitated by, for instance an injury, PanicGuard will detect this and raise an alert in order to get help. This works by utilizing the free fall detection and sudden stop


In situations where the user may be forced to deactivate their Alert, they can use an Emergency DURESS PIN, which will escalate the alert in the Control Panel as more severe

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