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Solving Campus Safety

Turn-key mobile solution for campus safety.

The new PanicGuard service offers an all-encompassing solution for Campus safety that's designed to send a strong message about safety to parents. Additionally, the system improves overall efficiency, provides fast and relevant response, accountability and statistics.

Single Press Activation

Long Range

Waterproof and Weatherproof

Multiple variants

Long Lasting Battery

Bluetooth 4.0

PanicGuard offers unparalleled Personal Safety solutions for your business.
The application can be branded and customized precisely to your needs. Here are some of the features we offer:

Student App

Designed for Lone Workers and Staff who work outdoors in potentially dangerous situations. The button can instantly send an alert in case of emergency. Additionally, the wearable has fall detection.

Staff App

The bracelet wearable is designed for people on the move. Perfect for medical staff in case they require help. The bracelet button is interchangeable and can be used with another accessory.

Staff Operations

This wearable can be worn as a necklace or combined with jewelry. Designed for people working indoors and also for elderly people. It can be easily reached and has a falling sensor.

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